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Marilyn MansonA bit of a rant

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#41 IEatHeartAttacks



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Posted 28 May 2005 - 09:36 PM

I downloaded Coma White from Mechanical Animals some time ago, and it is quite a good song. Didn't Billy Corgan have a hand in its preduction. That could be the reason why its better, because Billy Corgan is awesome.

Also, The Everlasting Gaze on Machina is very Mansony, as is a live recording I found of Bullet with Butterfly Wings. I think Bill Corgan admires Manson in quite a big way.
And isn't Holy Wood later than the three I have at the moment?

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No fucking way. That's a laughable statement. Manson has only the power to rip off and copy.

He is Alice Cooper V2.0. He steals all his industrial elements directly from NIN and no doubt does the same with Corgan. When BC produced Coma White he would have rejigged added and tinkered until it was his beast and a decent song.

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It is interesting to note Trent Reznor's actual involvement in Manson's career. Going from very good friends, to "enemies", and back to good friends. So it isn't surprising some of it echoes a bit of the type of production you would hear from NIN. On top of that, Trent isn't necessarily an original product himself, but that's another topic.

As for Corgan, pishoo.

Manson and Reznor are both respected in my book owning one cd by the first (Greatest Hits S.E.) and nearly the entire catalog of the latter (I'm only missing a few Halos).

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Mexican Seafood


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Posted 28 May 2005 - 10:05 PM

Mechanical Animals is where it's at, for sure. But Tourniquet...that riff is just perfect.

#43 giant



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Posted 29 May 2005 - 03:41 AM

I'm not into Manson as much anymore. He was kind of like a phase I went through. Although I really like the line "Yesterday man, I was a nihlist. Now today I'm just to fuckin' bored". I laugh everytime I hear that.

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Posted 29 May 2005 - 05:40 AM

anyone who says Everlasting Gaze is Billy corgan trying to be Manson really just saddens me. That's just a fucking retarded comparison.

Anyway back to Manson. I like him. He has written a bunch of really awesome songs and that's it.

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Posted 29 May 2005 - 05:45 AM

i dont like him

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Posted 30 April 2006 - 12:30 PM

I love this guy, such an intelligent individual, from his points of view to the
past he came from to the music he makes, to his performance to his paintings
to his goddamn voice.

From "Portrait of An American Family" to "The Golden Age of Grotesque" he
never ceases to amaze and entertain me.

Here he is on The O'Reily Factor, it's quite an interesting interview and I don't think ol' Bill knew Marilyn had such a head on his shoulders.
http://www.youtube.c.....arilyn manson

For me, he's right up there on that level with Cedric, where both have such great
points and truly have a sense of individualism.

“It's the whole Nietzche philosophy of you are your own God. That's why I debase myself in the concerts and tell people to spit on me. I'm saying to them 'You are no different from me'.”

“You should have to pass an IQ test before you breed. You have to take a driving test to operate vehicles and an SAT test to get into college. So why dont you have to take some sort of test before you give birth to children? When I am President, thats the first rule I will institute.”

“The burden of originality is one that most people don't want to accept. They'd rather sit in front of the TV and let that tell them what they're supposed to like, what they're supposed to buy, and what they're supposed to laugh at.”

“Marilyn Monroe wasn't even her real name, Charles Manson isn't his real name, and now, I'm taking that to be my real name. But what's real? You can't find the truth, you just pick the lie you like the best.”

Here's one of Marilyn's quotes from Bowling For Columbine.

"I do know that, and I think that's really ironic, that nobody said 'well maybe the President had an influence on this violent behavior' Because that's not the way the media wants to take it and spin it, and turn it into fear, because then you're watching television, you're watching the news, you're being pumped full of fear, there's floods, there's AIDS, there's murder, cut to commercial, buy the Acura, buy the Colgate, if you have bad breath they're not going to talk to you, if you have pimples, the girl's not going to fuck you, and it's just this campaign of fear, and consumption, and that's what I think it's all based on, the whole idea of 'keep everyone afraid, and they'll consume."

I can't find the quote about him saying something like 'People say I'm a devil-worshipper, but it makes no sense to me.. why would I worship the devil? I'm clearly more famous' But I really liked that one.

Any fans? Any h8rs? yeyea let's talk manson.

#47 musek



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Posted 30 April 2006 - 12:55 PM

He's definetly smart, but he's not actually promoting intellectualism, or skepticism in his music. he talks a lot of shit about society, but he doesn't do anything to make it better, he just talks about the problems and it makes him money.

he sucks.

#48 Ninja Gaiden

Ninja Gaiden


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Posted 30 April 2006 - 01:46 PM

wow, I was thinking to do a thread about him for about a week ago.

Marilyn Manson was the first music I started to like maybe when was in the 5th or 6 grade? My friend had Antichrist Superstar to school and I really liked it alot, Antichrist Superstar was the first album I purchased, I never checked out some of his other realises beside that for about a year, then I picked up Smell Like Children and I fucking hated it, Sweet Dreams is a really god cover, and I think it was the only song I liked from that record, but I LOVE his musicvideos alot, probably one of my favorite musicvideos, I think I was a fan of his music back in 97-98, actually I purchased Holywood and the golden age.. recently cause they was mad cheap, I think Holywood has some song I like fight song and disposable teens, MM has some pretty hot tunes, I think its pretty hot music so I have a little appreciation for MM.

#49 SaturnineMantra



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Posted 30 April 2006 - 02:52 PM

coma white is awesome.

i really respect the man.

#50 zurich17


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Posted 30 April 2006 - 02:55 PM

his music sucks balls

#51 sixteenvolt420



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Posted 30 April 2006 - 03:57 PM

love his music and his wife!

#52 Nujabez



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Posted 30 April 2006 - 04:03 PM

I dont like his music but I really respect the man

#53 alan_pfeifer



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Posted 30 April 2006 - 04:04 PM

Well-spoken, but never was a fan of the music.

#54 Ninja Gaiden

Ninja Gaiden


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Posted 30 April 2006 - 05:59 PM

love his music and his wife!

ohhh fuck yeah :thumbsup:
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#55 virulent9



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Posted 30 April 2006 - 07:09 PM

Well-spoken, but never was a fan of the music.

#56 Vairiant


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Posted 30 April 2006 - 09:00 PM

Well-spoken, but never was a fan of the music.

He has some stuff I can enjoy though.

#57 MelonHCST



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Posted 30 April 2006 - 10:03 PM

(the quote isn't working :blink: )

#58 strictlypacifist


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Posted 30 April 2006 - 11:52 PM

i used to listen to a lot of his stuff, but i kinda drifted away after Holy wood. But still i like some of the early stuff he did, namely Anti-christ superstar and Mechanical animals. i listen to his stuff now and then but its not the kind of stuff that i can really keep listenin to a lot.
"tourniquet" and "white world" are awesome songs.

#59 Grimble Grumble

Grimble Grumble


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Posted 30 April 2006 - 11:56 PM

I really enjoy him.

One of the bands that i listen to when i just want to hear some good songs without thinking to much, Ala The Mars Volta.

Anithchrist Superstar, in my opinion was probably his best work, GAOG had it's moments too.

I saw him live a couple years ago, he really is a must see. Talk about entertainment, he blew me away.

Props to MM

#60 starla zero

starla zero

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Posted 01 May 2006 - 02:13 AM

I love them, not so much the newer albums, but the first three are brilliant. Beautiful People used to be on MTV a lot, and they had some interviews and stuff with Manson when he was up for an MTV award and he kinda won me over with whatever it was he was saying. He's one of few people I'll go out of my way to read an interview of.

love his music and his wife!

Dita is one of the most beautiful women :wub: I love her.

I saw him live a couple years ago, he really is a must see. Talk about entertainment, he blew me away.

I've seen them once at a festival, I've got friends who've seen him two and three times who say that the shows are pretty much the same every time. I wouldn't want to go to one of their actual shows just because their little mini-mosher fans really piss me off.

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