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The Mars Volta will play again2015

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Posted 04 April 2018 - 03:34 AM





I play original music live. Does that make my point more valid? No

It's valid, period qualified by experience so yes!


okay, that means playing music live before releasing in studio is 100% a bad idea (even though i'm still doing it but only because i have no studio albums yet)





No, you don't get to tell an artist how to present their own work. That doesn't mean that you can only take or leave their output. I could absolutely love an album but hate a few things about it. I could hate an album with a passion and still be able to point out things that are good about it. You seem to like to like to oversimplify your points. And no, playing original music live does not necessarily make your point more valid. Points stand and fall on their own merits, not some contrived system based on peoples experience level. For the record I have played around 60 shows over the last few years with my band performing original material.

Cool. Can I check it out? Have recorded material? Should I hear that first before seeing it live, or are your live cuts more put together than what your recordings are? How much unreleased new material do you play live versus older already released material? Do you play older songs faithful to the recording? Am I better off just listening to the recording since you basically just replicate that live? Or are you one of those avant garde improvisational kind of groups where songs kind of take a life of their own? I'll tell you what works better for you once I listen, and report back to this board :)

That is quite a string of questions. Can you check it out? Absolutely! https://www.youtube....h?v=8z30255frTY. We have always based ourselves on live performances so the recordings remain fairly consistent with our current live versions of tracks. As we have been planning to move to a larger market we have not made a full album release as of yet but we have enough material for 2 albums. Are you better off listening to the recordings vs. live? Up to you really. I'd say there is an energy to the live sound that is hard to replicate but the studio recordings are pretty close in tone (nothing like the whip hand where the guitar turned into synth or vice versa depending on which came first). You can "tell me" what works better if you look up some live sets but I guess you will just have to take it or leave it.


pretty interesting conversation you have here guys. i think that for a band to sound live not too far from studio is to record albums live, like ATDI did with in/casino/out. i'm planning on doing the same with my band's debut album.


checked out your band, your singer is kinda like a combination of sammy hagar, chris cornell and robert plant and till lindeman and oliver sykes and jim morrison plenty of guys. such a crazy cocktail. awesome



Thanks! I'll pass that on to him.

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Posted Yesterday, 06:44 AM

Cedric made this thread a lil over four years ago :/

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Posted Yesterday, 07:58 AM

even he doesnt know shit

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