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#1 aranaboricua



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Posted 03 October 2003 - 05:56 PM

:twisted: I like this band OPETH. has anyone else checked them out? also does anyone know if THRICE, is worth my money? I hate buying cd's and then regretting them,because when you sell them back to the cd store, they only give you like 4 bucks, after you paid 15. anyway, I gotta go help my three-year old with her puzzles.......ciao!

#2 Maze


    Boxcar Cadaver

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Posted 03 October 2003 - 06:00 PM

I use soulseek to find out if some cd-s are worth buying. Personally I wouldn't buy a Thrice album but you might like it.

#3 Chadwickpc



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Posted 03 October 2003 - 06:01 PM

I think that Opeth is highly overrated. Decent music, but people make it out to be more than what it is.

#4 nauseatedsoul


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Posted 06 October 2003 - 07:45 PM

Opeth is one of the best bands I've ever heard. I highly recommend them!

#5 Marvelhill


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Posted 06 October 2003 - 07:52 PM

:? I hate buying cd's and then regretting them,because when you sell them back to the cd store, they only give you like 4 bucks, after you paid 15.

Feel free to give them all to me... ;)

I know, after getting 4 bucks for my QSA album, I just keep all the crappy discs around to trade with gullible friends.

#6 merkabish



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Posted 07 October 2003 - 12:18 AM

for Opeth buy either:
1) Blackwater Park if you want heavy death metal Opeth or
2) Damnation if you want new mellow Opeth

both are great for how different they are


#7 Theft of Fire

Theft of Fire

    Tetragrammaton Cleric

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Posted 07 October 2003 - 01:45 AM

i love thrice they are one of my fav bands, my suggestion though, i would get The illusion of safety before you get the artist in the ambulance! just listen to me and you'll be happy haha!

#8 volta mark

volta mark

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Posted 07 October 2003 - 01:56 AM

ive heard good things about opeth... my friend really likes them, but I havent gotten into it as much as him.. yet.

#9 Lost In The Air

Lost In The Air

    Lost in the Nair

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Posted 07 October 2003 - 04:43 AM

Opeth is amazing, easily some of the most well written music ever.

#10 pilgrim



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Posted 07 October 2003 - 08:32 AM

A Fair Judgement is one of the best songs ever written IMO.

It's on their album Deliverance.

#11 motherprussia



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Posted 07 October 2003 - 09:30 AM

i have a couple friends getting me into thrice...i like it...sorta like thursday, but not at all...

#12 Stalktheground11


    The Bling Bling Voyager Version 3.2

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Posted 28 June 2005 - 04:30 AM

I have to say that Opeth's Damnation album has some of the best (conventionally-placed) guitar solos I've ever heard. They sound like they're about to go right to shit, but then come back to something great. I really like that album, although I don't know much of their other (actual metal) stuff.

#13 themayanlion


    Non Serviam

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Posted 28 June 2005 - 04:32 AM

i've heard some good things about this band, i will check them out

#14 post_scriptum


    Boxcar Cadaver

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Posted 28 June 2005 - 04:10 PM

I have all their albums, I used to be a big fan. It gets old after a while though.

I recommend "My Arms, Your Hearse", "Blackwater Park" ,"Still Life", "Deliverance" (in order) for their metal stuff. What is good is that there is always 1 or 2 songs on each CD that is mellow and even the metal they play isn't the most brutal stuff ever.

#15 Oceanic


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Posted 28 June 2005 - 07:13 PM

I like them off and on.

#16 tomho64



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Posted 19 October 2005 - 06:28 PM

Just bought tickets to go see opeth in london on 31st of nov anyone going? Who's seen them before?

#17 SaturnineMantra



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Posted 19 October 2005 - 09:49 PM

I'm seeing them on Halloween (Oct. 31st; my birthday) in Philadelphia.

I heard they're pretty amazing live. Their new album is so good.

#18 Maki


    Eunuch Provocateur

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Posted 20 October 2005 - 02:59 AM

yeah i saw them in Melbourne a year or two ago. They are awesome live and the band had this amazing chemistry and banter going between the fans and them. maybe it was because i was just at a reltively small venue.

#19 Go to bed Jessica!

Go to bed Jessica!


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Posted 08 November 2005 - 11:43 PM

I watched the Lamentations DVD last night and felt compelled to bump this thread. That was easily one of the best music DVDs that I have seen in a really long time. Their live sound is incredible, and the vocalist exceeded my expectations for a live performance.

Fucking magic. I highly recommend this DVD if you like the mellow stuff (although there are five of the heavier tracks on there as well).

#20 essaywhu



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Posted 09 November 2005 - 12:22 AM

I went out and bought two of their cd's morningrise and my arms, your hearse after hearing them through a friend (and his constant saying that they were the best band ever, yada yada yada) and I thought it was cool at first but then I realized that I hated it after listening through the whole cd. The whole metal growling voice gets on your nerves after awhile and a lot of the lyrics are laughable...

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