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opinions: the ipecac series a year after the last one was released (mo

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#1 Carl


    the broccoli foundation

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Posted 02 September 2018 - 08:28 PM

so i was moving from one city to another in germany last weeks, listening to the ipecac series, realizing that two years ago i moved house within holland, listening to sworn virgins and corazones, being hyped. that's two years ago. doom patrol was released somewhere last spring, so this thread is late, and maybe useless. but i'm bored today so:

how do we like the albums now?
listened to all of them the last days, and here's my opinionszzs ->

sworn virgins: still cool
corazones: still beautiful
blind worms: used to hate, can tolerate it now. love the end jam
arañas: still lovin it, still not understanding the fuzz about the low-fi

umbrella mistress: still funny and great
el bien: used to like it more then escorpion but not anymore
cell phone: kinda neutral, used to like it more
infinity drips: still interesting. never understood da hate

weekly mansions: pretty ok, used to like it more
zapopan: not worth it, love the originals where these where rebooted from more
nom de guerre: even remastered, solo extraño is still a peace of poop
some need it lonely: kinda like it, always did

a lovejoy: lovin it. this is the start of the second half, so i started losing attention, missing out on how cool this album actually is
roman lips: see above
zen thrills: see above. not as great as lovejoy and lips tho
chocolate tumor: pretty cool, as before. good octopus versions, better than octopus itself

ensayo: found it interesting before, but now it's just meh
azul: cool, always was
gorilla: amazing, always was
killing tingles bladibla: didn't "get" this one before, lovin it now. title still gives me headaches

solid state: hated it at first, can now tolerate it, but it's not great
birth of a ghost: it's ok. BUT anecdote time:

i played this album once while in the bathtub of my gf's appartment, the bathroom is right next to the front door basically. it was in the early days of our relationship. played this album for the first time and got into the bath. realized it was louder than i had expected, so got out of the bath buttneckit with foam all over my wet bod to turn the music lower. at that moment my gf's mom walks through the door, stares at me. i stare back. halfway out the bathtub. frozen. super loud "classical" music echoing through the bathroom. "i'm sorry, i'm not looking i'm not looking" she says, while getting red in the face. keeps staring at me meanwhile. i wave at her, try to smile and slowly get back in the tub, no chance of turning the cacophony down. good way of meeting the mother in law for the first time!

doom patrol: always hated it. still do. gross.

one last observation: almost all of these albums would be amazing without vocals. roman lips for example, killing tingling etc for instance. hopefully omar will one day pull a froosh and release the series all over again, but instrumental. ok bye

#2 swan_song1977



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Posted 04 September 2018 - 12:04 AM

not much changed for me, solid state and zen i'd speak less highly of maybe, ensayo and zapopan maybe a little higher. the big one for me is that ghost has lost that "finally, an omar orchestra album!!" glow - it's just boring for me now. im still ready to ride the rollercoaster another 23 times.


and glad to see im not the only one who gets dizzy reading killing tingled lifting retreats

#3 never



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Posted 12 September 2018 - 01:22 AM

sworn virgins: futurepunk
corazones: somebody else made this

blind worms: first three tracks are pure 80s bliss
arañas: only good if you're angery

umbrella mistress: the only real album in this list
el bien: that one your friend can't stop talking about

cell phone: I kinda forgot what's on this one
infinity drips: this is music?

weekly mansions: burning hollywood with fire
zapopan: disturbing shit

nom de guerre: fast stuff you'll never listen to again
some need it lonely: kinda forgot about this one, too

a lovejoy: that one TMV demo at the end
roman lips: second only to zen thrills

zen thrills: first only to roman lips
chocolate tumor: no

ensayo: amazing album
azul: a few great tracks but some not as great

gorilla: TMV for people who don't like TMV
killing tingles: R.E.M. by O.R.L.

solid state: no
birth of a ghost: nah

#4 sa007ak


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Posted 13 September 2018 - 04:03 PM

Sworn Virgins: Still dope, aggressive - one of my favorites out of these releases

Corazones: Never liked this much, a few of the tracks have grown on me since the release


Blind Worms, Pious Swine: Honestly like this more than most of Bosnian Rainbows' material 

Arañas En La Sombra: Volta Early "B-Sides", this album has stayed the most consistent in my mind since the release



Umbrella Mistress: Didn't Care much for this upon release, Definitely obscure at points & has grown a lot on me

El Bien Y Mal Nos Une: Didn't get this one when it came out - fast-forward a few months & I ended up playing over half of this record at a                                                 wedding reception/baptism that I DJed at & it went over really well. 


Cell Phone Bikini: Love the more "rock" oriented songs on this record, my opinion on this one has changed probably the least.

Infinity Drips: FINALLY went back through this 1-2 weeks ago and I think I get what Omar was trying to do - still obscure, but worth figuring out



Weekly Mansions: Dancy Electronic goodness; Could get into the transition tracks initially but I've learned to enjoy most of this record

Zapopan: Finally understand the hype about this album, still only a 5-6/10 for me  :shrug:


Nom De Guerre Cabal: Chaotic Evil, title track still rips & will always rip

Some Need It Lonely: I listen to this more than I'd like to admit - trippy spacious introspection 



A Lovejoy: ALWAYS forget that this record exists, NEED TO REVISIT NOW


Roman Lips: Awesome songwriting & guitar work on this record ; Super Emotive


Zen Thrills: Revisited recently & it's more tolerable but I really do have trouble with Teri's vocals often

Chocolate Tumor Hormone Parade: Dope live record, nto much more to say. Wish Juan was still present on these tracks



Ensayo De Un Desaparecido: Always gonna Love this more than Xenophanes, Despite being partial to Pridgen over Deantoni 9/10

Azul, Mis Dientes: Need to revisit! I don't think I've actually made it through all of this now that I think about it!


Gorilla Preacher Cartel: "TMV for people who don't like TMV" - I really like that description, so I gotta keep it. LOVE GPC & all the tracks that are Volta-vibey

Killing Tingled Lifted Retreats: Chill & diverse - can't say that I enjoy this as much as most of the fanbase but still a great album



Solid State Mercenaries: 8-9/10 album for me, DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE HATE. I get that it's lo-fi but there's some real gems on this one


Birth of a Ghost: Unexpected, don't listen through often - maybe I should revisit this as well


Doom Patrol: This has grown on me, but still a difficult listen at times

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